How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Windows

Windows are a part of the home typically taken for granted. Depending on the climatic conditions and amount of care and use they receive, windows will last for several years. During this time, they may be a quiet culprit for drafts, heat loss and energy bills that are higher than they should be. Eventually, these windows will need to be replaced. For most homeowners, it’s not obvious that they need replacement windows. However, after doing a survey of the home both indoors and out, they may find some of the following clues that it is time for a window upgrade.

One of the most obvious signs that replacement windows are needed is when the existing windows have fallen into disrepair. They probably have cracked or broken panes. Aside from being dirty, chipped and ugly, they may simply make the home look neglected. If they no longer lock or are swollen or painted shut and are difficult to open, they need to be replaced.

Home Remodeling Project
A home remodeling project that focuses on a kitchen or bedroom project may bring for the startling revelation that the windows are unattractive and need to be replaced. In some cases, this may not be noticeable until the new paint, wallpaper and appliances are in place, making the existing windows and other surroundings looking dingy and tired. The most cost-efficient method, of course is to have replacement windows installed when the rest of the work is done. When the designs are all done at once, the windows can be coordinated with the interior and exterior home improvement, redecorating and remodeling projects.

Going Green
High energy bills are another sign that it’s time to install vinyl replacement windows. For those interested in helping the environment while saving money, energy efficient windows increase the amount of insulation within the system. This keeps the interior window from becoming colder in the wintertime and hotter in the summertime. In turn, the room maintains a more constant temperature, which reduces the amount of heating and cooling required by the home’s furnace and air conditioner. This not only helps the environment, but saves the homeowner money. Depending on the type of window being replaced, number used and what type of windows they are installing, energy bills are reduced up to 25 percent. There are also several government tax breaks and local programs available to further reward the energy-efficient homeowner.

Source by Christine M Harrell

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