How to Install Microsoft Outlook on Citrix

The article describes the procedure for installing Microsoft Outlook on Citrix, a remote server. The methods compiled here are simple and reliable. We still advise you to follow them cautiously to avoid encountering common Microsoft Outlook problems during the installation.

Do you want to install Microsoft Outlook on a Citrix server to access your emails? Do you know the right procedure for installation? Don’t worry. Here is your complete Microsoft Outlook support guide that will assist you in the installation of Microsoft Outlook on the Citrix server.


Before you begin, make sure that you log on as an administrator to the computer connected the Citrix server. Also keep your original Outlook setup media, the product key, and email login details like username and password handy. When done, insert the Outlook setup CD into the drive of your computer and wait for the automatic prompt to appear. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

If no prompt appears, click on the Start button and navigate to Control Panel. Double click on the Add or Remove Programs icon to open it. When the window opens up, click on the Add New Programs in the left hand pane. When in the Add or Remove Programs window, click on the CD or Floppy button. It will open up the Install Program from Floppy Disk or CD-ROM window. Hit the Next button.

Click on the Browse button and search for the Outlook setup file in the removable media drive. Select the file and then hit the Finish button. Afterwards, click to accept the user license agreement and hit the Continue or Next button to proceed. If you see an option to customize your installation, select Outlook and deselect all other programs. When prompted, enter the product key and hit Next. Make sure that you enter the key correctly. Typing mistakes can lead to the non-acceptance of the key and further problem in the installation.

Choose a location to save the Outlook installation and hit the Next or Continue button. Thereafter, click the Install Now or Install button to initiate the installation. When done, hit the Next and then Finish button to exit the wizard window. When prompted, restart your computer. You will have Microsoft Outlook installed on your Citrix server connected computer now.

If you want to setup a profile in Outlook, open and run it as an administrator. Follow the instructions and enter the details correctly. If there are other Outlook users on your computer, they will have default access to most of the Windows registry parts. If you want to restrict their access to the Windows registry, configure settings as desired. However, you must leave permission to the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTCLSID key in the registry. It will enable those users to enable and access their desired features in Microsoft Outlook.

Additional Tips:

If you have issues settings up or using Microsoft Outlook on the Citrix server, look for an expert online Microsoft Outlook support service.

Source by Gaurav Srivastava

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