CityVille Keeps Crashing

CityVille is a game that is played on the social networking site Facebook; this game makes use of the browser it is played on. This game was created and released under the Zynga company; eventually, it was made popularly available on Facebook, the leading social networking site today. This game is typically one that makes use of flash application and java platforms to properly load. The game progressively gaining popularity everyday and is getting hundreds of new players each day. It has gained popularity amongst Facebook users worldwide. However, its popularity and entertainment has consequences; users have acknowledged a number of problems they are having with CityVille. Most complain about the CityVille crashes that end the game abruptly and cause them to lose data they had during the game. If no data has been saved, all the playing time accomplishments will not be recorded.

Why Does CityVille Crash?

There are quite a few reasons why CityVille could possibly crash. Primarily, it is due to the fact that it is a program online and so, it will regularly have a steady flow of traffic that access a variety of sources on the web. Usually, the quantity of resources online that it requires to load is just too vast and it won’t be able to fully load. If the application attempts to connect to the necessary web sources, some of these sources might not function properly or the system itself might not be able to handle all of the processes being run by the computer. This situation implies that the system is having difficulty in processing the needed components of CityVille and it cannot effectively support such traffic. When this happens, CityVille experiences a crash.

How To Fix CityVille Crashes

The first thing you can do to fix this problem is to re install the web browser you are using. One likely cause of the crash is a problem with the browser; there are some cases where the browser being used is not compatible with the necessary software that CityVille needs to run. And so, the browser cannot support the game due to lack of proper settings, files, etc. In some cases, the files have become corrupt. To uninstall, go to START> Control Panel> Add/ Remove Programs; then, choose the web browser that you need to remove. Click Uninstall or Remove to start the un installation process. After the removal of the browser, restart the PC and then download a new web browser. Install the new one properly.

The second thing you can try to do is to update the drivers. Go to START> Control Panel> Device Manager; among the list of drivers, repair or update those that have a yellow or red exclamation point next to it. Doing this task will provide the drivers needed by CityVille to run properly. Next, update Windows as well. Go to START> All Programs> Windows Update. Just click on the necessary updates and follow through with the instructions that will be given.

The last fix is to clean the registry using the Frontline Registry Cleaner. Simply download, install and run it to fix your CityVille error problems.

Source by Greg Kahn

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