Bluetooth Wireless Device Not Found in Windows XP Service Pack 2 – How to Fix It

When installing your Bluetooth Wireless Device in Windows XP Service Pack 2, sometimes you will find this Bluetooth device can not be correctly recognized in Device Manager; if you try to use it, you will see some error massages like “Device not found” on the screen. So this is the problem that “Bluetooth Wireless Device Not Found in Windows XP Service Pack 2”

Commonly there are two cases that would cause this “Bluetooth Wireless Device Not Found in Windows XP Service Pack 2” error: one is that the Bluetooth device has already been installed in your computer before you install Windows XP Service Pack 2, and you haven’t installed the third party Bluetooth driver; two, Windows has automatically installed its built-in Bluetooth driver rather than install the third party Bluetooth driver.

Finding out and install the right third party Bluetooth driver may be a very complicated and time-wasting job, for there are hundreds of thousands of drivers for you to choose on the Internet, furthermore the Bluetooth driver used on one type of computer may not work on another because of differences in hardware specifications and operating systems. So you need a good PC driver helper tool to simplify your driver search and updates. Among numerous driver programs, PC Driver Helperis your right choice; with several clicks, PC Driver Helper will automatically search the Internet and manufacturer’s websites for updated drivers that are specific to your Bluetooth device, operating system and compatible with your PC’s hardware components so as to make the most out of the dongle.

And to fix “Bluetooth Wireless Device Not Found in Windows XP Service Pack 2” problem you can follow the methods below:

Method 1

Rename the bth.inf file: before setting up the third party driver, rename %WINDIR%infbth.inf file as bth.bak, so as to prevent Windows Plug-and-Play using this INF file to set up Windows built-in driver.

Tips to rename this file:

Step 1 Click Start, choose Run, input %windir%inf in the box and then click OK.

Step 2 Right click bth.inf and choose Rename, after that rename it as bth.bak.

Step 3 Download Driver Checker to install the best driver for your Bluetooth adapter.

Method 2

Replace Windows driver by specifying the third party driver for your Bluetooth device in Device Manager.

Step 1 Set up the third party Bluetooth driver and remember its location in your computer.

Step 2 Click Start, choose Run, input devmgmt.msc and click OK to open the Device Manager.

Step 3 Expand Bluetooth Devices and find out this device.

Step 4 Right click it and then select Update Driver

Step 5 In the update wizard, select Install from a list or specific location (Advanced) and click Next.

Step 6 Choose Search for the best driver in these locations and Include this location in the search.

Step 7 Click Browse to find out the address of your third party driver and then click Next to finish this installation.

Method 3

Use PC Driver Helper’s automatic uninstall and install features to help you fix “Bluetooth Wireless Device Not Found in Windows XP Service Pack 2” problem, unload the inappropriate Bluetooth driver and install the compatible and latest Bluetooth driver quickly just with a few clicks.

Source by Molly Smith

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